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Introducing Little Gem Spirits – Rum, Vodka and Whiskey born in the US Virgin Islands. 

The Lovango Resort and Beach Club is the newest Little Gem Resort located on the magical Lovango Cay in the US Virgin Islands. ( One sunny afternoon on Lovango our chef suggested we create spirits infused with local ingredients. He had met Todd Manley, a renowned chef on St Croix, who created Mutiny Island Vodka distilled from the miraculous, Breadfruit Tree. The Breadfruit Tree is a designated tree that feeds the planet, as it absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide to fight climate change. Amazingly, the Breadfruit itself has enough nutrition to feed a family for life, blunting hunger and poverty. Plus, it makes excellent spirits!

Todd went to work at his distillery on our infusions and one afternoon he appeared at our dock bearing bottles of Little Gem Spirits: Sweet Tamarind Rum, Caribbean Spice Whiskey and Sorrel Lime Vodka.

We had a very good time sampling his spectacular and unique creations. Now we are ready to have you sample the world’s only Caribbean Whiskey. Please enjoy this bottle- you are the first to do so- and let us know what you think!

While you drink, you are saving the planet. Mutiny Island Vodka’s partner, The Trees that Feed Foundation, has planted thousands of these trees across the Caribbean, including on Lovango.

All Little Gem Spirits will be available this fall.  

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